Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not your average cupcakes

Mini cupcakes

Do to holidays, exams, illness and the birth of babies, Modern Mother Cubbard has fallen a bit behind in our postings! To make up for this, I thought I'd share this gem... Sweet Potato Bourbon Cupcakes. That's right cupcakes with booze! Normally, our post are geared towards easy food, healthy food, and freezer cooking, but it's the holidays, and these are just fantastic. 

I will warn you, these cupcakes are a bit more labor intensive then the goods I usually bake, and may even have more steps than most of my meals, but they are worth it! The full recipe comes from one of my favorite baking blogs to follow: Bakerella. First you have to cook a sweet potato or two. Bakerella does not leave directions for this, from the pictures, its clear she chopped and boiled, but you can do it anyway. Go ahead and make extra, so you have mashed sweet potatoes for dinner. Then you mix and bake the cupcakes, and let cool. These cupcakes have TWO different icings: a simple glaze, followed by a bourbon glazed. They are topped with candied pecans. Bakerella does include directions to make the pecans via deep fryer - but I dont have one. Google produced some other options. 

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