Friday, March 11, 2016

Frugal Friday: Receipt Reward Apps

In the past we've discussed a few different rewards sites and apps, to get you more for your money. These apps included check-in style apps like shopkick and rebate apps/websites like ebates. We've also reviewed a few "coupon" rebate apps that require you to scan a receipt like ibotta and checkout 51. I'm an avid user of both shopkick and ebates, but don't often need products from ibotta and checkout 51. If I'm being completely honest, the latter products have fallen out of favor.

There are, however, 3 more apps I use regularly. One of them I can recommend, but have only recently started using and have yet to cash out. The other two earned me well over $50 in less than 6 months. All three of these apps require you to scan your receipts. The companies use these receipts for market research. I often save receipts to enter into YNAB, so I just scan as I go. All of these can be used in conjunction with shopkick and other cash back apps, reward programs, or cards.

Receipt Hog is the first app I ever downloaded that paid you for scanning receipt. It's easy and has a cheesy hog gimmick. Some receipts yield coins, other may yield a turn on the "hog slots" - a free slot game within the app that can gain you 2-10 points. Coins are awarded by the receipt total. One person also wins their last shopping trip in coins. Reaching a new level will give you bonus coins. Cash out starts at $5, but the more you save up the better deal the cash out is. Every qualifying receipt earns you a sweepstakes entry (I have never won). Learn more here

Receipt Pal allows you to submit both receipts and e-receipts. You can submit 4 receipts per card and receive 2 cards per week (though unused cards do not disappear). Additional receipts only qualify for entries to a $250 sweepstakes. This is probably the simplest app to use. Cash out with as little as $1. Includes Amazon and Paypal cash outs. 

Yaarlo is the newest of these apps, and the newest to my phone. It has many cash out options including Amazon, Target, Panera, Starbucks and Macys. Paypal is also available but has a $20 minimum. Typically Yaarlo pays more per receipt than the other two apps. Per their website FAQ, points are based on the receipt category with percents ranging from .10% for wholesale clubs to .25% at grocery stores, and restaurants. Some stores fall under promotions where you can earn up to 5% back. Recently they have added a shop 'n earn category featuring 1%-4% back (Just like ebates). Learn more here or Join now using code RACHAEL724 and get bonus points! 
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