Thursday, March 17, 2016

#TBT - Homemade Cream Soups

Before I started my real food journey, a can of cream of mushroom soup was my best friend when I was stumped about what to fix for dinner.  Once I actually took the time to read the ingredients, I wasn't nearly as happy to reach for it.  It is really quite easy to make your own, and you can choose whatever flavor you like best - mushroom, celery, chicken, etc.  It is also very easily customized for those who have allergies.  I always make a quadruple batch, and then freeze in can-sized quantities.  If you freeze in ziplock baggies and make them as thin as possible, it doesn't take long at all to defrost, especially if you cover the bags with cold water.  I usually freeze mine in freezer-safe canning jars, and remove the lid and thaw in the microwave if I need it in a hurry.

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