Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Say Wednesday - 12 Last Minute Meals

On "We Say Wednesdays" we will revisit older posts from time to time.

No matter how motivated we are to plan ahead and cook well-balanced healthy meals for our families, there are always those times when something unexpected crops up that throws us off track (or truth be told, we just don't feel like cooking whatever we had planned).  This is when it is great to have some go-to meals that will make the nearest fast food drive-through much less attractive.

This was a popular post from awhile back that uses ingredients that are easy to keep on hand or that are accumulating in your refrigerator.  Even though I wrote the original post, I find myself referring back to it when I am out of inspiration and don't want to cook anything that takes much effort.  To read the original post, click here.
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