Thursday, May 19, 2016

Streamlining Your Wardrobe - Part 2

I posted awhile back on my goal to simplify my wardrobe, a good time to get a plan in place since I have lost a significant amount of weight and none of my clothes fit. If you haven't already, read Streamlining Your Wardrobe - Part 1.

It is time for me to come back and give everyone an update on the progress I am making.  I have reached my goal weight so now I am focused on maintaining that number on the scale, and the time has come to start investing in some new clothes.  I ended up down 3 sizes, and am having to replace everything I wear. I can't afford to go out and drop a bundle on a lot of new clothes, so I have put together a plan for specific items that I need and have already purchased a few items. I am also fortunate enough to have received some hand-me-downs from my two daughters. The biggest requirement is that everything must coordinate with everything else so I can mix and match. I also have three plastic boxes set aside for upcoming seasons so that I can change out some items every three months. I am also determined to add only things that are good quality and that I love to wear.

I usually do laundry (it's just me) once a week, so I need enough everyday clothes to get me through a week plus one extra outfit just in case.  I have the advantage of being retired, so I no longer need to keep a work wardrobe. My clothes for this first session are 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of calf-length pants, 1 pair of sweatpants, 4 t-shirts, 3 tank tops, and 1 work-out top. I will be buying 3 pairs of shorts. I am keeping two dresses (1 black and 1 blue print), two pairs of dress pants (1 white and 1 black), and 4 somewhat dressy tops. I also have a blazer and a lightweight black cardigan sweater. I have decided to keep my color palette black, white and mostly shades of blue for the time being.  The rest of the clothes that I am keeping are packed away.  I may well decide to purge some of them, but want to be sure I don't change my mind before parting with them.  After the first three months I will revisit my selections and may very well change or add to my color choices.

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