Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weight Watchers - Week 14

Finally got a chance to set down and finish up this post, although without pictures!  I hope it was worth the wait.

Carne Asada - 9 points (4 oz. of meat, use 1/8 cup oil in marinade, served in two corn tortillas). This point total is a bit high, since it assumes you are consuming the ingredients in the marinade, and also eating 4 oz. of meat (but I am trying to stick with the recipe when calculating.)  When we lived in Mexico, this was a common company dinner with our Mexican friends, although they never marinated the meat before cooking.  If you don't have a way to grill it, you can fry it. You can use any lean steak and the secret is slicing it very thin across the grain (I also like to use a fried pork chop). In all honesty, one ounce of meat divided between two tacos is plenty if you add a tablespoon of refried beans, a light sprinkle of shredded cheddar, and a tablespoon of light sour cream to each taco (that would make two tacos be about 7 points) - that's the way we usually eat them, and a little meat stretches a long way. You can also add salsa for no additional points. Add ons for family can be additional tacos, tortilla chips & salsa, Spanish rice, and/or dessert.

Curried Lemon Coconut Chicken - 7 points (using full fat canned coconut milk and 2 pounds of chicken breast for 6 servings). The original recipe calls for 4 pounds of chicken for 6 servings, but that is a lot of chicken, over 10 oz. per serving.  Serve over 1/2 cup of rice (3 points), with a fruit salad or green salad with lite dressing (2 tablespoons are 2 points).  Add ons for family could be potatoes, noodles, bread, and/or dessert.

Pineapple Pork Kebabs - 5 points (2 kebabs per serving, eliminate oil in marinade).  This is shown made in the oven but could easily be made on a grill.  Serve over 1/2 cup rice (3 points) and with 1/2 cup black beans (3 points) to make a rice bowl or cole slaw with 2 tablespoons regular dressing (5 points) - regular dressing is same points as lite dressing .  It would also be good with a side of roasted veggies.  Add ons for family could be potato salad, bread, and/or dessert.

Blackened Shrimp Pasta - 9 points (1/4 recipe).  This looks really good and also easy to fix. Shrimp is very low points (only 2 points for 8 oz.), so feel free to increase the shrimp and go easy on the pasta.  Serve with a green salad with lite dressing (2 tablespoons for 2 points).  Add ons for family could be additional pasta, garlic bread and/or dessert.

Thai Curry Vegetable Soup - 8 points (2 cups per serving, made with canned lite coconut milk). This is a hearty meatless meal that is very family-friendly. It is very flexible also - use whatever veggies you have on hand, any kind of noodles (or none) and it would also be great with added chicken or shrimp.  Add ons for family could be bread and/or dessert.

Chicken Stew - 7 points (1/4 of recipe, decrease oil to 1 tablespoon). A great way to use up leftover cooked chicken from a roasted or rotisserie chicken.  If you don't have leftover chicken, saute some chicken chunks and use them. This could easily be made in the slow cooker. Add ons for family could be crusty bread, cornbread, and/or dessert.

Side dish tip - This is a great tip on keeping side dishes simple and predictable, while also keeping them healthy and easy.
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