Monday, March 21, 2016

Modern Monday: Get Paid to Meet Your Fitness Goals

You may have notice the increase on posts regarding healthy habits and WW meals. The three of us have all joined Weight Watchers - and we all have Fitbits! I love my Fitbit. I think it's a great tool for motivating someone to do more activity - and to gather data about one's habits. There are plenty of other trackers out there, and phone apps. Recently I found out you can get paid to have healthier habits. That's right - your Fitbit can earn you money! 

Don't have a Fitbit? Good news - many of these programs work with out step monitors or phone apps!

Walgreens Balance Rewards: If you are an avid couponer or Walgreens shopper, you've probably heard of Balance rewards. This is Walgreens' customer loyalty program. You can earn points on purchases, special deals, and for using your Fitbit. You can earn 20 points for every mile (bike, run, walk). One mile is approximately 2,000 steps. If you meet the standard Fitbit goal of 10K steps per day, you could earn 100 points/day. 5,000 points is worth $5 off your purchase. However, cashing out at higher points gives you more $ for your points (ex: 40K points is $50).

Bounts: It won't make you rich, but if you meet your workout goals, you can earn gift cards (including Amazon & Starbucks), products and discounts through Bounts. Bounts is a UK based start up funded by the University of Oxford. To get credit you are required to complete a minimum of 7K steps. You can also get credit for gym activity. (Free) Members can earn 5 points per activity; up to 15 points per day. This is a set it and forget it kind of app. When you redeem make sure you choose items that are in US currency! Sign up here

Leap4Life / FitWell: Leap4Life is a website to track your health and activity. You can earn FitWell points that can be used for cash rewards. 2,500 points is a $25 gift card. The more active you are, the higher status you achieve, and the more bonus points you can achieve. At diamond level, participants earn 50% bonus FitWell points. Syncing your device will earn you an additional 50 points. Participating in events, (virtual) races, and inviting friends also earn you more points.To make the most of this site, you'll need to check back and join challenges and events. Join my challenge & sign up here.

Honorable Mentions: These are sites I have not personally tried. 

Pact: is a website/app that allows you to make a pact to meet certain fitness goals and bets against others staying committed to their goals. Join, decide how many workouts you'll complete each week as well as the fine for skipping one ($5 min.). On Sundays, Pact divides the fines from people who skipped and pays it out to those who didn't. Payouts can be less than $0.50 to $5. You can also make pacts to eat well, or eat more veggies. 

Healthywage: This website is similar, but you get to set your own time limit and monthly payment amount. If you meet your personal goal, you will win a share of the prize. Prizes vary, but the website reports payouts up to 10K. You can set up a personal wager with yourself, one with your friends, or join a challenge

DietBet: This website operates off a goal of 4% (or higher) weight loss in four weeks. You join a "game" or bet pool, you win money based on how many people join, the total pot, and who completes their goal. If everyone in your pool meets their goal, you get your money back. If you are the only one to complete your goal, you get everyone else's money! 

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