Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quick Tip Tuesday: Reusable Snack Storage

I really, really, really love the idea of storing food in mason jars. Particularly snacks, candies and things for baking. They look pretty and they stack well. They are easier to seal than the bags most snacks come in and are less likely to bust open than a plastic ziploc bag, but they don't travel well. Mason jars are heavy. Snacks get crushed in a ziploc bag, or the bag busts open, or it's a pain to pour into a snack cup. 

Pinterest is a great resource to find a solution to just about any problem. This may be one of my favorite Pinterest tricks! Well, at the very least one of the cheapest and easiest! 

This is a Coffee-mate creamer container. I pulled off the cover. It's plastic and rips right off! There's no sticky. I filled it with these crunchy sweet corn kernels we get from Costco. My kids love this corn but it's too easy to spill the bag or not seal it properly. If you haven't tried this corn, it's an amazing snack! Get some from Costco or Amazon (Affiliate link). It's delicious to snack on, or for some crunch on a salad! Anyway, it's easy to store, travel, and pour in these containers. 

I have used them for cheerios, goldfish, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and nuts. These containers are easy to pour. They stay sealed, keeping the contents fresh. They are light and easy to grab and go for the car, picnics, or travel!  And bonus points: you keep some trash out of a landfill or a recycle bin!

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