Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT - Revisiting the Clean 15

We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us all about how everything we eat, put on our bodies or clean our homes with should only be organic and non-GMO.  In an ideal world with unlimited funds, I totally agree!  However, nearly all of us live in a reality where that just isn't feasible.  Each of us must decide what is the most important to our family and be realistic in knowing what we can afford.  Most people are aware of the Dirty Dozen, the list of produce that is most contaminated, but not everyone knows about the Clean 15, a list of the least contaminated produce. It makes sense to buy conventionally raised items from the Clean 15, and spend the extra money for organic on things on the Dirty Dozen (or don't buy at all).  To read the previous post, click here.

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