Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

If you were to talk to my husband, he would probably tell you that I am not a pork person. I'd probably agree, but in all honesty, we eat pork on a pretty regular basis. We LOVE crock pot pulled pork in this house, and this dish tops them all: baked sweet potato stuffed with BBQ pork.

A baked sweet potato stuffed with pork covered in bbq sauce,
caramelized red onions, and melted colby jack cheese

This was really easy to make. It was inspired by Jim N Nicks pig in the potato patch. According to their menu it's a potato "loaded with smoked bacon, butter, sour cream, cheddar, bbq sauce, and a choice of pork or chicken". It's one hell-of-a-way to eat a potato. We've made our own versions before, but this was the first time we made it with a sweet potato. Not only is a sweet potato a much healthier choice, it adds an incredible level of flavor.

A few weeks ago our local Kroger had a bone-in pork shoulder on sale. Pulled pork is actually quite a versatile meat and is pretty regularly on sale. We purchased two 8+lb roast for only $12 each. That is less than $2 per pound. I froze one, and popped the other roast into the slow cooker (recipe here).  I shredded the roast with my kitchen aid and split it into gallon size bags. For reference, a roast this size made 3 gallon bags of 3.5 cups and one container approximately 3 cups. (See more pulled pork recipes)

On the day I made dinner, I threw my potatoes in the pressure cooker and caramelized some onions. Once cooked, I cut the potatoes opened and topped in the following order: BBQ sauce, pork, sauce, caramelized onions, sauce, cheese. I baked them in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. We served the loaded potatoes with some sour cream.

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