Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weight Watchers - Week 19

Sloppy Joes - 7 points (1/4 recipe). Serve over a slice of bread (2 points) or in a hamburger bun (4 points). You can bring the points down to 4 points per serving by using ground turkey breast, but I think the flavor takes a hit if you do.  Serve with a raw fruit & veggie tray, salad, or roasted veggies. Add-ons for family could be potato salad, chips, dip for veggies, and/or dessert.

Pork & Sauerkraut - 6 points (4 oz of meat).  This is one of my favorite meals, serving the sauerkraut over 1 small boiled potato.  Don't be afraid to try this, even if you think you don't like sauerkraut.  During the extended time of cooking the kraut with the meat, the flavor is much mellower and the meat takes on a great taste.  A great side dish would be applesauce or sliced apples, or you could even ad the sliced apples in before cooking. Add-ons for family could be bread, additional potatoes, and/or dessert.

Grilled Garlic Lime Chicken Kabobs - 7 points (1/4 recipe using 1 lb chicken breast and 1/2 cup of oil).  Just about everyone loves kabobs, especially kids.  Use lots of veggies and let your imagination be your guide. I like to do separate kabobs for the meat and the veggies since often the veggies take a little longer to grill. Forgo the dressing on your lettuce if you use it.  Serve with salad with a squeeze of lemon instead of dressing, 1/2 cup rice (3 points), or coleslaw with 2 tablespoons regular dressing (5 points).  Add-ons for family could be potato salad, bread, and/or dessert.

Maple Soy Salmon - 7 points. (1/4 recipe) Very easy and only 4 ingredients.  Serve with roasted veggies, a salad with reduced fat dressing (2 tablespoons are 3 points), or 1/2 cup rice (3 points). Add-ons for family could be baked potato, bread, potato salad, and/or dessert.

Greek Zucchini Noodles - 7 points (1/4 recipe, no added meat).  These sound delicious.  All the points are in the olives and feta, so feel free to adjust there if you want.  Rachael is our Zoodles expert, so she can weigh in with any adjustments if she tries this recipe.  Add-ons for family could be added meat, bread, and/or dessert.

Easy Salsa Chicken Salad (Slow Cooker) - 5 points (1/8 chicken, 1/4 cup of each corn and black beans per serving). This is really simple and quick, cooks in about 4 hours in a slow cooker.  The leftover chicken (if there is any) would also be great in a sandwich or as taco filling in a corn tortilla. Add-ons for family could be chips, rice, bread and/or dessert.
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